roomMaster 2000 Interfaces

Guest Systems

The External Posting Interface is the link between roomMaster and your hotel’s other important systems, including call accounting, PBX/phone switch, voice mail, point-of-sale, in-room movies, high-speed internet access, and energy management. All major interfaces are supported.

Unlike proprietary interfaces and third-party devices, our unique software interface allows you to change to another interface or device, on-the-fly, without any additional costs – should you buy a supported new phone or voicemail system in the future, your investment in the interface is protected.

iQ-Keylocks links roomMaster to your hotel’s keycard system.

Credit Cards

The Credit Card Processing Module is the interface between roomMaster and your credit card processing operations. This is perhaps the most important interface you can purchase! In addition to the significant gains in efficiency, this interface will reduce fraud and save your business money.


iQ-WorldLink is the link between roomMaster and GDS reservation services, as well as other select central reservation services. It even provides your hotel with a direct link to Expedia QuickConnect and! iQ-WorldLink is praised by our interface vendors as one of the easiest to interface with and extremely reliable. This interface will automate the importing of reservations from your GDS company, keep inventory and rates in-sync minute by minute including rate yielding as well as hotel booking rules.


The Import/Export Wizard is the link between roomMaster and popular accounting software packages, such as M3 Accounting, QuickBooks, and Peachtree. Additionally, the Import/Export Wizard can import and export important data in widely-used CSV text files, so the roomMaster data can be used in Microsoft Excel or other programs.