roomMaster 2000’s Features


In this day and age, security is increasingly becoming a top priority for any business software system. roomMaster 2000 provides you with the tools to maintain a secure environment for your financial information and your sensitive guest information.

  • User profiles limit each clerk to specific program functionality and reports.
  • Accounting security is available to lock classes of users out of specific types of transactions, such as voids and refunds.
  • A complete audit trail is maintained for all financial transactions with time, date, shift, station and Clerk ID.
  • A change journal is maintained to track all modifications to reservations and folios. You’ll always be able to determine “who, what, when, where” for any change in roomMaster 2000.
  • Credit card security is maintained in a two-pronged approach: roomMaster 2000 functions limit clerk access to sensitive guest credit card information, and the integrated credit card module meets all industry requirements such as PCI-DSS and PCI PA-DSS.

Special Features

roomMaster 2000 has a wealth of features to make your day-to-day operations more efficient.

  • Import existing data to get up and running quickly with roomMaster 2000. Guest profiles, city ledger/direct bill accounts and invoices, as well as travel agent information can be imported with the Import/Export Wizard.
  • Quickly locate guest information with the powerful and easy Find feature. Simply type in a guest’s name or confirmation/folio number and you’ll find all occurrences in reservations, folios, history, and guest profiles.
  • The guest services feature is a database of concierge-type information for your guests, such as restaurants, activities, airlines, shopping, churches, or anything else your guests may ask for. This information can be printed on-demand in an easy-to-read and attractive format for your guests.
  • Track prospects and inquiries with an integrated database, and then perform mailings from the compiled information.
  • Conduct e-mail marketing from your guest profiles.
  • Communicate key information to staff with the internal e-mail system.
  • Special Receipts can be printed from any reservation or folio to create your own baggage claim checks, coupons, vouchers, or passes.
  • Add multiple packages on-the-fly to any reservation or folio. These can be dinner-and-show combinations, spa treatments, or recreational packages, for example.
  • Add to-do’s or reminders to any reservation, folio, or group block.


From the initial booking of a reservation up to the guest’s arrival, roomMaster 2000 will make your reservation process quick and easy.

  • An easy to view availability screen provides 7/10/14 day views of your property on a room type summary or room-by-room (“tape chart”) basis, with most major reservation functionality available from the same window.
  • Rates are easily configured and managed, with daily, weekly, monthly, and package rate types. Reservationists also have a powerful rate quoting tool for reservation inquiries.
  • Connecting rooms and “lock-outs” are easily configured so reservations can have a parlor room or other type of connecting room added to a single reservation.
  • Confirmation letters can be printed or e-mailed with a simple point-and-click. Letter templates are easily setup in a word-processor-type environment, with powerful features such as conditional text, user-prompts for custom text, and special letters for specific events.
  • Manage busy periods with the wait list feature, and track lost business withreservation denial tracking.
  • Reservation Rules assist with enforcing reservation policies and yield management, such as “no discounting during high occupancy periods”.
  • Automatically accept internet reservations from your own website, and from other internet and travel agent sources with
  • The room shares feature allows multiple guests to have a reservation for the same room, providing each guest with their own check-in/out dates and folio.
  • Track guest events, such as dinner reservations, tours, spa appointments, or shows directly from a reservation.
  • Interface with popular GDS companies, such as SynXis, TravelCLICK, Genares, InnPoints, InnTopia, InnLink and others.
  • Interface with IDeaS Revenue Management Systems.


roomMaster 2000 makes it easy for your sales department to create and manage group blocks.

  • Set a cut-off date to automatically release unsold rooms to general availability.
  • Print group contracts directly from roomMaster 2000, and customize the appearance and sections of the contract to suit your hotel’s needs.
  • Specify charge routing and master billing options prior to the group’s arrival. roomMaster 2000 provides you with very flexible charge routing options.
  • Easily manage rooming lists with our unique import/export feature: group leaders can send you a spreadsheet with the rooming list for easy importing into the group block.
  • Quickly perform group check-ins and group checkouts and setup charge routing on the fly, and print easy-to-read and concise master bills for the group leader.
  • Create room allotments for wholesalers and travel agents.

Guest Ledger

Managing your in-house guests and front desk operations from check-in to check-out is a snap with roomMaster 2000.

  • Print sign-in sheets (registration cards) in advance or during the check-in process. These are customizable and require no special forms.
  • Quickly check-in guests and provide front desk clerks with the opportunity to “up-sell”.
  • Split a folio up to four ways to handle simple shares and/or separate incidental charges.
  • The Rate Adjustment Wizard makes rate adjustments quick and easy, even for long stays. Best of all, the guest will always get a “clean” folio as if everything were done correctly from the beginning.
  • Maintain a full audit trail for all financial transactions, as well as all check-ins, check-outs, and room moves.
  • For your regular guests, create a roll-over reservation at checkout with just a few clicks.
  • Retain “unlimited” guest history for reprinting folios and even making adjustments.
  • Easy shift changes with “deposit report” for employee drops, as well as automatic over/short accounting.

Night Audit

The night audit is a breeze with roomMaster 2000.

  • The dayend close process usually takes 5 minutes, and the backup process is automated with a simple point-and-click.
  • Clear and concise reports provide management with essential performance and financial information.
  • Audit packets can be sent via e-mail or FTP as an Adobe Acrobat (PDF) file, which is great for remote management.
  • Easily reprint the previous day’s audit packet with just two clicks of the mouse.
  • Automatic rollback and recovery should a computer fail during the night audit for whatever reason.
  • Select which reports print during the night audit either Daily, Weekly or Monthly.

Housekeeping & Maintenance

roomMaster 2000 provides the tools and integration to ensure effective communication between the front desk and your hotel’s housekeeping and maintenance departments.

  • Update room statuses through guest room phones for real-time housekeeping updates.
  • Create non-daily housekeeping schedules for light/heavy housekeeping days and/or sheet/linen changes.
  • Print housekeeping reports in alternate languages.
  • A flexible maintenance/repair log can be configured with a routine maintenance/cleaning schedule based on individual room usage.
  • Send maintenance notifications as a cell phone text message as items are created, and create maintenance items automatically when housekeeping places rooms out of service.
  • Track lost and found items with a searchable log.


roomMaster 2000 excels in providing powerful and flexible accounting features to manage the most important part of your business – your finances.

  • Informative daily/weekly/monthly/yearly reports.
  • Fully configurable chart of accounts with security options.
  • Configurable sales/profit centers allow you to track sales information for each city ledger account, group block, and travel agent.
  • Flexible and powerful tax options, such as automatic tax reduction on extended stays. roomMaster 2000 handles all varieties of taxing methods, including percentages, flat rates, per-person amounts, tax-on-tax (Canada), and inclusive AND exclusive VAT/GST (United Kingdom, South Africa, Australia).
  • Easy shift changes with “deposit report” for employee drops, as well as automatic over/short accounting.
  • A complete audit trail is maintained for all financial transactions.
  • Integration with popular business accounting software, as well as custom integration with the Export Journal Wizard.
  • Full travel agent and owner commission reporting, including the printing of travel agent checks directly from roomMaster 2000.
  • Data Security is important. We offer 128-bit encryption, commit/rollback technology so all transactions are completed successfully and the night audit cross-checks all ledgers during the night audit.

City Ledger/Direct Bill

Manage your hotel’s accounts receivables with roomMaster 2000’s highly advanced city ledger/direct bill features.

  • Print detailed statements with or without folio backup.
  • Automatically add finance charges and/or terms discounting to invoices.
  • Quickly and easily apply payments to invoices, including partial payments and overpayments.
  • Set credit limits, tolerance levels, and credit hold status for individual city ledger accounts.
  • Convenient reports for aging and past due accounts, complete with company phone numbers for assisting in collection efforts.
  • Create credit/debit memos directly from invoices to show adjustments.
  • Import city ledger/direct bill accounts and invoices to get up and running quickly with roomMaster 2000.


Over 130 reports are available in roomMaster 2000 to provide users with exactly the information they need to do their jobs.

  • Create an Adobe Acrobat (PDF) file from any report and e-mail it.
  • Use the Query & Report Wizard to create ad-hoc reports.
  • Integrate custom reports from Clarion ReportWriter or Crystal Reports XI directly into the Reports Menu.
  • Premier Edition offers Embedded and Interactive SQL Reporting for quick queries, reports, labels and extracts to Microsoft Excel.


Efficiency is gained when your various systems are integrated, and roomMaster 2000 is the key to successful integration.

  • Credit card processing integration with all popular processors using the most secure methods available without the need for modems or dedicated phone lines.
  • TCP/IP interfaces for the newest and most advanced phone and restaurant systems being implemented today.
  • Control all popular hotel phone/voice mail/call accounting systems from roomMaster 2000. Check-ins and check-outs enable phone extensions and initialize voice mailboxes.
  • Accept restaurant bill-to-room from most popular point-of-sale systems.
  • Accept other bill-to-room requests from other systems, such as movies and guest internet access.
  • Integration with popular business accounting software, as well as custom integration with the Export Journal Wizard.


roomMaster 2000 works very well in properties which have international guests.

  • Unlimited Foreign Currency Conversions allows as many rates and balances to appear on the guest folio, say in US Dollars, Euros, and British Pounds… all at the same time!
  • Multiple languages which can be selected and placed on a guest profile record so their sign-in sheet, folio and confirmation letter appear in their own language.
  • Interface with external systems so the proper language is sent to the guest’s voicemail at checkin so they hear their voice-mail prompts in their own language.
  • In addition, InnQuest Software offers many different options for training such as web-seminars, onsite training and installation, mini-corporate training sessions at our sunny-Florida corporate office, yearly User Conferences and more. We also offer an online forum where users can post questions and communicate with other roomMaster 2000 users from all over the world.

Please note: Features mentioned above may not be available in all editions and the purchase of additional modules may be required. roomMaster 2000 comes in either Standard, Enterprise or Premier (SQL) Editions, all of which have different features and options.