About TBSL

Our Company

Total Business Solutions Ltd. is a leading information and communications technology company that provides computerized business solutions and consultancy to the business market. We offer integrated cost-effective solutions that are grounded in quality service and pride ourselves in our ability to provide a wide range of services to suit every aspect of an organization’s operation.

TBSL is customer-focused and responsive to change. We think outside the box to help clients find new opportunities, strengthen their resourcefulness, align their resources to their strategy, provide unique customer service and improve their financial performance.
What We Do

TBSL is a reseller of computer hardware and software solutions and a provider of installation, support and consulting services. We help our customers better manage their resources, improve accuracy and streamline their organization through software/hardware recommendations and installation assistance. TBSL is one of thousands of reseller and installation experts of software such as Sage, roomMaster, Aldelo, Optimum Control Inventory solutions located throughout the world. But, the benefits to our customers reach beyond the products we sell. With years of experience helping customers achieve their business automation goals our toolbox of knowledge, encompassing a wide range of industries, is a valuable asset to our clients.

Our installation experience in conjunction with rock-solid business applications has proven irresistible to businesses looking for product stability, long-term support and product longevity.

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